Geographical variation in the use of fluorouracil in the treatment of Early Breast Cancer within England

Poster presented at British Oncology Pharmacy Association Annual Symposium 2020.

Rates of hospital emergency admission following chemotherapy for patients undergoing review by a Non-Medical Prescriber: A useful metric for service evaluation?

Poster presented at British Oncology Pharmacy Association 2020, describing rates of emergency admission as a service evaluation metric.

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A summary of my publications, posters etc


I usually try to publish my posters (things I wrote myself, or was a co-author on) to my ResearchGate account. However, I find Research Gate a bit tricky to navigate to find those posters sometimes. It is also more of a scientific place, and doesn’t provide somewhere to give more of a narrative approach to what the poster was trying to achieve or how it came to be.

My more recent posters follow the format of Mike Morrison’s #BetterPoster format. This video explains Mike’s theory on how scientific posters need to change.


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